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Avea Labs

  • About Us

    AveaLabs idea emerged with the establishment of Avea R&D center. Our aim is to research long-term new technologies in line with the Avea’a R&D vision, transform academic studies, carried on especially in the fields of information and communication technologies, into innovative products and services that will make the daily life easier, and promote the innovativeness and technology production in our country.


    In line with this aim, AveaLabs has been designed as a center where entrepreneurs, SMEs, universities and R&D business partners may work together, going beyond being only a research center. In this center, AveaLabs’ power consists of the following factors: development and testing environments and equipment required for the innovative products and services, modern offices where entrepreneurs can work and necessary technological infrastructure, qualified labor force allocated for the joint studies to be conducted with the university and research budget.

  • Mission

    Mission of AveaLabs

    To be a leader technology center in Turkey in the communication sector by developing unique and innovative products and services along with the information ecosystem.

    To increase the strength of AveaLabs and its participants by providing necessary modern and technological environment to the entrepreneurs, universities and SMEs in addition to the R&D business partners with its required means that are open to the development and to make more progress day by day.