Free WIFI for Foreign Visitors

AVEA, the only GSM 1800 operator of Turkey, is offering free WiFi* to foreign visitors in Turkey in cooperation with Turkey's leading wireless broadband provider TTNET**.

Kız Kulesi Görseli

    *Free WiFi is limited to 600 minutes.

    **There are thousands of TTNET hotspots across Turkey. To see where the closest TTNET hotspot is, please visit:


    All you need is to choose AVEA as your GSM roaming network, get your password from AVEA through short messaging and access TTNET WiFi Service free of charge with your WiFi enabled device with your password.

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    Getting connected to free WiFi with Avea:

  • Go to network settings on your handset
  • Choose manual selection and select AVEA
  • Text WiFi to 4321
  • Get username-password
  • Select "TTNET WiFi" from available Wifi networks that your laptop or handset detects at any TTNET hotspot
  • Open your internet browser, try to connect to any website and TTNET WiFi login page will download automatically
  • Type your username and password and click "Connect"